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Multifunctional sofa purchase skills

2021-04-05 By 管理員 22

The multifunctional sofa is comfortable and not occupied, which is one of the prerequisites for small home decoration. There are many small multifunctional sofa beds on the market. What furniture is suitable for your home?

1. The choice of style
When choosing and buying a multifunctional sofa bed, you should consider the match with your home style. There are many kinds of sofa beds. Consumers should compare with the indoor style in terms of shape, color, pattern, etc., in order to achieve the coordination of the home style.

2. The choice of size
Multifunctional sofas are generally suitable for small apartments, and the size of the space needs to be considered. Although it can be folded, the space required for stretching should also be taken into consideration. In addition, the size of each part of the sofa bed should be adapted to the human body structure, such as sitting height, backrest, etc., to make people more comfortable when lying or sitting.

3. Material selection
The material of the multifunctional sofa mainly relies on fabrics and filling materials, and of course there are some accessories. The fabric is mainly made of cloth, not too slippery, not easy to pilling, and easy to handle. Filling materials include sponge, foam, etc., moderate hardness, environmental protection and health, and spring elasticity. Regardless of whether consumers are comfortable or not, they can also sit down and experience it for themselves.

4. The choice of structure
The stability of the multifunctional sofa frame has a great influence on its use time. There are usually two types of steel structure and wooden structure. In the purchase process, it is best to open the inspection of the base gasket to see the quality of the wood, as well as the treatment of welding and coating. Regardless of whether the sofa bed is pushed or turned over, it must be flat when changing the mold, and every part of the mold must be stable and firm. In addition, the structure of the spring part is related to the comfort and durability of the multifunctional sofa bed, which must be scientific and reasonable.

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