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Maintenance method of luxury functional sofa

2020-10-10 By 管理員 49
Function sofa manual and electric introduction:

The common one is the functional sofa: there are two types, one: manual function extension, manual function can also be equipped with shaking and rotating function sofa, there is another kind: electric function extension, electric function can also bring both shaking and rotation Features.

Functional sofa operating instructions:

Electric function sofa

The electric functional sofa can be stretched in the sitting and lying positions at the touch of a button. It is electrically controlled throughout the entire process and can stay in any position.

Manual control function sofa

The manual function sofa can be stretched in the sitting position and lying position with the touch of a button on the side. It can promote blood circulation, is good for health, relax your body and mind, and truly relieve your work pressure during the day.

Theater sofa maintenance method:

1. Gently wipe with a dry cloth and leather cleaning liquid;

2. Toothpaste and soft cloth can be used for stubborn dirt, but there is no need to use water to clean after cleaning;

3. Do not place it in a damp place, and do not put water into the gap on the seat;

4. Avoid exposure to the sun and strong light, which may have a certain impact on the color stability of the leather.

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